Time to Make Spaghetti

Last night, I listened to an episode from one of my favorite business podcasts right before bed. She was talking about her company’s strategy toward the current pandemic and stated that one of her points was “nothing new”- no new projects, no new products, etc. She said to stick to your tried and true and push those.

That’s a great concept, but as a maker, I don’t think it’s a viable strategy. My business is based on seasons. My products are geared toward certain times of the year or annual events such as vacations. If I stuck to my tried and true for this time of the year, I’d be pushing autograph books and child safety tattoos. Unfortunately, the theme parks are closed and the market for child safety tattoos is non-existent since everyone is stuck at home.

To be fair, this podcast was not from a maker. She has tried and true products that are not seasonal and are very strong product lines for her company.

As a maker, I feel like I have the opposite approach. I’m making all the spaghetti, throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s a time for innovation and new ideas. All those notes I’ve had for the past few months about things I want to make when times are slow-it is there time!

If sales are slow for your business, it might be time to pivot – even if only temporarily. Items that occupy kids or supplement educational activities are in high demand right now. How can you incorporate that? Seniors should be enjoying all their “lasts” of high school right now, but most of those are cancelled. Is there something special you can make geared towards celebrating the Class of 2020? Maybe you can afford to put your business on hold for awhile and make something that will be beneficial to your community.

Does your shop/website need a refresh? Read up on SEO, change out those pictures or alter your product descriptions.

How is your business doing during this time? What are you doing to adapt to current situations?

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